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Controlled Access, LLC

The principals at Controlled Access, LLC have been serving clients in the controlled access field with 50 years of combined experience.


Based in Monroe, North Carolina, the company services the greater Charlotte area through its own local fabrication facilities.

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Bruce McCann is our Lead Design Consultant. He has vast knowledge that can be relied upon to give you the confidence that your project is well thought out and that the most appropriate equipment is specified. You can count on him to communicate with you throughout the project and that in the end, he will deliver an access system that will serve your needs now and in the future.


Brad Prillaman is our Managing Partner. He is a native to Charlotte and grew up in the fencing/ access control business. Brad has designed and installed projects for Verizon, ATT, multi-family projects, and numerous homeowners.

Our Knowledge Base

Staying on top of the latest technologies and government requirements in a constantly evolving industry is a top priority for us. We continually learn about new technologies, methods, and products by attending trade shows, online training from our vendors and other sources.  By knowing what manufacturers excel in, we know what will work best for your specific project. Informed, up-to-date product knowledge is critical for a successful project that works right the first time.

We stay informed with DASMA (Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association) for the latest code requirements. We are certified through IDEA and the American Fence Association to design automated gate systems. Industry standards such as UL325 are not only required for certain equipment to function, they are mandatory to reduce the liability for client and installer alike.

How We Do It


At Control Access LLC we start by learning as much as we can about how you expect your gate system to perform.


Next we design a custom system that blends in with the premise's existing architectural style and can expand and accommodate future needs.


We construct and assemble your custom gate from high quality materials that we are confident will perform for years to come.


When we are done, we turn over to you a custom "Turn Key" system with initial support to reduce the learning curve that often accompanies new access-controlled installations.

24/7 Service 

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