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Our Services

At Controlled Access, LLC, our mindset is 100% focused on our clients’ best interests. We start with questions to understand what you expect from your controlled access system.

  • What are the access points?

  • What are the different access levels (who can get in, who shouldn’t get in and when)?

  • What are the integration requirements?

  • What is your budget?


Once we are clear about what you need, a custom system is designed and the most appropriate equipment sourced and the project implemented.


At Control Access LLC we start by learning as much as we can about how you expect your gate system to perform.


Next we design a custom system that blends in with the premise's existing architectural style and can expand and accommodate future needs.


We construct and assemble your custom gate from high quality materials that we are confident will perform for years to come.


When we are done, we turn over to you a custom "Turn Key" system with initial support to reduce the learning curve that often accompanies new access-controlled installations.

Case study #1


Residential Gate Access

Case study #2


Multi-family Site

Case study #3


Industrial Facility


We are a turnkey provider.


We partner with Ornamental Fence Solutions to handle fence, turnstile, and gate requirements.


Ornamental Fence Solutions is a full-service fence company. They work in the commercial, industrial, and residential markets providing site-specific solutions to their clients. OFS has a full fabrication shop and the ability to provide CAD drawings for clients.

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